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Parabellum BLS Trauma Kit

Parabellum BLS Trauma Kit

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This is our BLS Trauma Kit. Utilizing my 28 year Fire Department Paramedic experience I designed this kit to include the necessary equipment to care and treat mild to moderate traumatic injuries that could be expected in the racing environment. This Basic Life Support unit is compact, durable and all contents are easily replaceable from any store or pharmacy in the area you may be racing. We all know the desert environment is harsh, dark and more times than not...windy. This kits contents are all secure in their own place, highly visible and readily accessible for immediate need. Additional features are a fire starter, survival blanket, cordage and Multiknife for those times you may be out there awhile. 

Case Color

    Kit Contents:

    1. Large and small trauma bandages
    2. Tourniquet
    3. Multitool/knife
    4. Fire starter
    5. Trauma scissors
    6. Kerlux Dressing
    7. Ace elastic Bandage
    8. Rescue cordage
    9. Bandaids
    10. Tape
    11. Flashlight

    If for any reason you are not fully satisfied with this product or its contents please contact us prior to using.


    Standard shipping rate apply

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